The magic word in marketing

man wearing a beanie hat

All marketers know that full integration across all channels is the holy grail when it comes to developing a new campaign. Whether it is a product launch, a brand awareness exercise or a campaign aimed at increasing website traffic, integration is key to maximising the levels of success.

But how easy is this to achieve?

Well, actually it isn't that easy. Marketing teams are continually facing challenges that impact on their campaigns - with reduced budgets and decreasing team sizes being two of the most pressing.

It's no secret that print collateral costs; building websites costs (a lot); advertisements in print journals are expensive.So why not use Facebook and Twitter instead of creating a bespoke microsite? 

"Waste of time.""How does that work for B2B?Who uses Facebook for work?" (especially in construction) are common responses. 

Meet Benny: H+H's beanie wearing builder. 

Our objective was to raise brand awareness of H+H's aircrete blocks with independent building contractors: a notoriously difficult audience to reach.Our campaign focuses on a branded beanie hat - which we want to see on as many building sites as possible.

Early in 2015 we trialled a #wheresbeaniebeen campaign on the @celconblocks twitter feed. We invited people to take photographs of themselves wearing an H+H beanie in random locations and to tweet them using #wheresbeaniebeen. Winning pictures were awarded a prize.

We were encouraged by a positive response, so decided to extend the concept in the autumn and winter using a range of communication channels.

In September Benny moved from the screen to the page and was brought to life in Professional Builder magazine.Over a four-month promotion, Benny jumped from page to page in a Where's Wally style competition.Builders responded in their hundreds.

The campaign has taken another step forward with Benny being transformed into a point-of-sale promotion for one of H+H's merchant customers.

A low-budget Facebook advertising campaign engages with small builders, inviting them to request a Beanie - building brand awareness and a valuable database at the same time.

Over the past year #wheresbeaniebeen has evolved into a fully integrated multi-channel campaign with high response rates and personal engagement with our target audience.

Posted by Anna Hern