If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.

Maya Angelou

Sade Akinfe

quick content queen, social media star

It’s a little-recognised fact of the social media world that while it takes only moments to say “let’s run a Twitter campaign” it then takes weeks of diligent research, creative crafting and careful scheduling to produce a feed that hits the mark.

And that’s where Sade comes in.  Providing content across a range of platforms to support Ridgemount’s growing social media offer, Sade’s intuition and talent for spotting the choice phrase or image to connect a client with their audience is proving a huge asset to the digital team.

A background in fashion marketing has brought a welcome new perspective to our content strategies as well as insight into new possibilities – and it is fair to point out that Sade’s position as the trendiest dresser in the team is likely to be unchallenged in the foreseeable future (check out the fingernails).

A Londoner through and through, Sade has a tendency towards reticence - unusual in our team - meaning that it took several beers on the company Christmas jaunt to uncover the full breadth of her DJ-ing, radio presenting Drake loving social life.

  • Pet hate

    People walking slowly on the underground

  • Passionate about

    Music, equality and story telling

  • Favourite PR campaign

    Compare the Meerkat

  • Most annoying habit

    A relaxed attitude to time keeping