A copywriter should have an understanding of people, an insight into them, a sympathy toward them.

George Gribbin

Matt McKeown

Top content creator, Researcher

After finishing his history degree and spending a year working in fashion marketing, Matt moved to Sydney to complete a master’s degree in cultural and gender studies.  

While studying Down Under, he realised a passion for writing and saw the light quickly making the move into the world of PR. Since then he has gained experience both in-house and agency side.

With an intellectual curiosity that knows no limits, there’s not much that doesn’t capture his interest. Whether he’s writing about construction products, policies or people he has a natural ability for seeking out a story that’s waiting to be told.

First-class copywriting, insightful research skills and a knack for securing press coverage are his standout attributes. A thorough understanding of digital and social media channels serves him well too.

When not doing PR, Matt can be found brunching in Australian coffee shops, swimming in his local pool, or making full use of his Netflix account. 

  • Pet hate

    Bad coffee

  • Passionate about

    Writing, good coffee and Wikipedia

  • Favourite PR campaign

    ‘Monty the Penguin’ by John Lewis

  • Most annoying habit

    Not knowing when to shut up about Corbyn. Oh and not making any of said coffee...